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Situated in the ‘haut-forez’ (named the ‘evening mountain’) the auberge and refuge is placed in the summer pasture land for sheep and cattle at 1362m altitude.

In the hisoricaly agricultural commune of st bonnet le courreau and not far from sauvain , this position allows us the collaboration with various local farmers.

Implanted in the beautiful estival region controlled by the ‘sica’ pierre sur haute, (animals arriving in there summer pastures beginning of june -sheep festival the first Sunday after the 14th july - the animals moved back down to winter quarters in October ). Great possibilities for rambling and hiking ,on foot , horse or bicycle , with beautiful flora and fauna to be found all accessible from the auberge .

To reach les jasseries from the village of courreau ; the small road of 5.5km leading to the parking of the auberge is easily accesable by car and bus for groups.

10km  from St Bonnet le Courreau. 12km to Sauvain. 22km to Montbrison. 27km to Boën. 64km to St Etienne. 123km to Lyon. 84km to Roanne. 123km to Clermont Ferrand.

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